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Long-standing specialists in transmission parts...

Speed reducers, gears and couplings for all fields of industry

We operate in all fields of industry where transmission parts are used including cement works, the food industry, steelworks, paper mills, the petrochemical industry, quarries and so on. We also use more than 100 years’ experience to develop special units for high speed and high torque applications and guarantee maximum performance.

Our main strength lies is our in-depth knowledge of the world of transmission parts which enables us to create speed reducers and gears that are specially customised to meet customer requirements, rather than simply executing customer projects.

We don't just ``do``, we ``think`` of what best suits your needs

Our unique approach to projects is based on the fact that we provide highly specialised advice on what customers really need to solve their problems. Customers first define their specific needs and once our technical department has all the information, it presents the most suitable solution. We use the finite element method which enables us to offer our customers the most efficient product for the required performance and reliability.
The turnkey process, which begins with consultancy and subsequent analysis of the various components using the most up-to-date, sophisticated EDP systems, is completed by providing highly qualified personnel using innovative equipment who analyse the behaviour of the various machines when operating and provide assistance when starting up and maintaining the long-term efficiency of our speed reducers.



from design to operation

360° support from design to testing and on-site use

Fachini: the forerunners of technologies that we now take for granted...

At Fachini, we are one of the forerunners of a number of technologies that focus on transmission parts. As an example, our company has been designing and constructing electro-welded gear wheels for some time and a high percentage of these wheels have replaced conventional cast steel ones. The wheels are manufactured using an exclusive procedure that covers all stages including design and final testing. The electro-welded gear wheels have the significant advantage of consisting of a toothed ring made of perfectly homogeneous hardened and tempered ultrasonically tested alloy steel. The maximum in performance and reliability is obtained by combining the electro-welded gear wheels with our self-aligning pinion.

Pignone autoallineanteOUR SELF-ALIGNING PINION
Another of Fachini’s winning ideas is its self-aligning pinion. The axial misalignment of gear units can cause significant problems and is caused by incorrectly installed bearings, bearing supports with incorrect tolerance, fluctuations in operating temperature and elastic deformation of the shaft. Any type of misalignment can cause irregular wear of the gears and other parts, vibrations, abnormal noises, and lead to jamming, breakages, etc.
To avoid these problems, a few decades ago we designed, developed and patented an automatic device that compensates misalignment. The device helps to keep the load evenly distributed on the entire width of the gear teeth and prevent any problems including those mentioned above.

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