Speed reducer - Motor power 2500 kW - Input speed 990 r.p.m - Output speed 16,6 r.p.m.

Special speed reducer our type CQJ46.2

-Reducer at parallel coaxial axis with automatic balancing of the loads on the toothings with gears in alloy casehardened steel (carburized) with the profil of teeth ground and duly relieved to reduce the possible load concentrations.

-Timing case in electrowelded structure, annealed and sandblasted verified at finished elements to optimize the form and suitable to support the maximum of the rigidity the loads coming from the gears.

-Rolling bearings of first international mark calculated for a life L10 >120.000 hours

-Slow shaft in alloy steel hardened and tempered

-Forced lubrication of all gears and bearings by oil that is in the case and put in circulation by your suitable central.

-On this matter the reducer has pipes and sprayer to guarantee the suitable introduction of oil at all bearings and at rotation organs.

-The supports of the bearings are thermocouples Pt100 – output 4-20 mA to take the temperature and accelerometers for the control of the vibrations and flow indicators for control capacity oil flow at each bearing

-Epoxy painting final colour RAL 6011

Technical features:

  • Motor power 2500 kW
  • Input speed 990 r.p.m.
  • Output speed 16,6 r.p.m.
  • Nominal ratio 59,538:1
  • Service Factor >3 according to Agma 2001.C95
  • Oil type EP ISO VG 460
  • Total weight of the reducer 70.000 Kg. about

Category: cement works, speed reducers

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