Speed multiplier: Power 442 kW - Input speed 215 rpm - Output speed 1,000 rpm

Speed multiplier with vertical parallel shafts VAJU26LX

Technical features

  • Nominal input power: 442 kW
  • Slow speed shaft speed: 215 rpm
  • High speed shaft speed: 1,000 rpm
  • Escape speed: 2.95 times nominal speed for one hour
  • AGMA service factor: 2.7
  • Full load efficiency: 98.5% min.
  • Efficiency at 7.5/10 of max. power: 98% min.
  • Efficiency at 5/10 of max. power: 97.5% min.
  • Noise level: 83dB(A) at distance of 1 m.

Compound steel casing, normalised, stabilised and suitably ribbed.
Roller bearings.
Gear train in case-hardened and tempered steel with ground tooth profile.
Slow speed shaft with Ø83 mm bore in hardened and tempered 39NiCrMo 3 steel.
Forced-feed lubrication by way of unit behind reducer consisting of: gear pump connected to fast speed shaft – double filter – water/oil heat exchanger – thermoprobes – visual level – pressure switch – pressure gauge – flow indicator with electric contacts – heater – anti-condensation heater.
Multiplier fully wired with junction box.
Axial load on slow speed shaft max = 220,000 N

Weight of multiplier = approx. 3,000 kg.

Category: hydroelectric power, speed reducers

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