Speed reducer - Power 250 kW - Input speed 1,020 rpm - Output speed 10.76 rpm

Special speed reducer 4CO720L

Perfectly interchangeable externally with type 4CO630 supplied with S/N 54472/1 – D3348A (without auxiliary).

  • Technical features:
  • Motor power: 250 kW
  • Motor torque: 239 kgm
  • Input speed (with reference to stranded wire with 17.8 dia.: 1,020 rpm
  • Output speed: 10.76 rpm
  • Reduction ratio: 1:94,753
  • Torque on reducer slow speed shaft: 22,630 kgm
  • Pitch diameter of pulley: 2.07 m
  • Line speed: 70 m/min
  • Pull on pulley with 0.95 efficiency: 20,770 kg
  • AGMA service factor > 1.6 with max. torque of 22,630 kgm

– Casing and base in annealed and sandblasted compound steel, ribbed to guarantee load absorption.
– Support shelf for your motor (motor drawing to be sent if order is made).
– Complete with F8X gear coupling with brake disc between motor and reducer.
– Case-hardened and tempered steel KLINGELNBERG HPG spiral bevel gear
– Cylindrical gears in case-hardened steel alloy with tooth profile ground and profile modified to reduce any load concentrations.

– Slow speed shaft in hardened and tempered high resistance alloy steel with toothed end in compliance with DIN 5480 and supply of 1 toothed flange for fastening using ring in 2 halves, screws and pins to the hub of the driving pulley (not supplied).
– Upgraded top brand roller bearings with high load capacity calculated for a nominal theoretical LB10 life => 60,000 hours considering 250 kW with 1,020 g/min input speed
– Cylindrical bearing support bushings for slow speed pinion shaft axis and slow speed shaft axis made of hardened and tempered alloy steel.

Forced-feed lubrication of gears and bearings with supply of:

  • 2.2 kW gear type motor pump Q=72 l/min
  • Duplex supply filter with electric clogging gauge
  • Pressure gauge
  • 1 PT100 temperature control sensor
  • Flow indicator with electric contacts
  • 10 PT100 Ohm RTD sensors for temperature control of bearings
  • Pressure switch for checking minimum pressure downstream of entire circuit
  • Relief valve
  • Pipes and sprayers

– Weight approx. 11,000 kg.

Category: speed reducers, steel industry

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