Speed reducer: Power 2500 Kw - Input speed: 1.750 r.p.m – Out 760 r.p.m.

Speed reducer at parallel shaft 1CP450LX Palo Gordo

Technical features

  • Motor power 2.500 HP (1.840 kW)
  • Transmission ratio 2,3:1
  • Input speed: 1.750 r.p.m.
  • Output speed: 760 r.p.m.
  • Service Factor >2 Agma referred motor power
  • Casing in composed steel
  • Gears in casehardened and hardened steel with profile teeth ground

Forced lubrication with central of lubrication assembled on board, composed of:
-Filter with electrical indicator
-Heat exchanger water/oil with automatic thermostatic valve
-Visual manometers and thermometers
-Flow indicator with electrical contacts to control oil passage
-Switch pressure to control the minimum pressure
-Valve of overpressure
-Pipes and sprayers

Weight 2.500 kg about.

Category: agro-food industry, speed reducers

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