Drive for a DT: Power 200 kW - Input speed 1490 r.p.m. – Output 8,25 r.p.m.

Speed reducer our type ODJVO2243L – Drive for a DT

Technical features

  • Motor power = 200 kW
  • Absorbed power = 160 kW
  • Input speed = 1.490 R.P.M.
  • Out speed = 8,25 R.P.M.
  • Ratio = 1 : 180 (exact = 180,5726)
  • Service Factor Agma 2001.C95 > 2 refereed to motor power of 200 kW
  • Environment of work = zone 2G T3 – ATEX
  • Axial forces on slow shaft > 350 kN
  • Slow shaft rotation sense: to specify
  • Timing case in electrowelded steel at increased rigidity suitable to offer the maximum of the resistance at internal loads; after welding the timing case will be submitted to stress relieving and sandblasting.
  • Bevel gears execution Klingelnberg HPG in alloy steel-hardened and tempered
  • Gears in alloy casehardened steel (carburized) with profile teeth ground.
  • Rolling bearings proportioned for a theorical nominal duration LB10>100.000 hours calculated on motor power.

Splash and forced lubrication for superior bearings, at rim of reducer by motorpump, at completation the lubrication system will be composed of:
-Duplex filter with electrical indicator for the tamping control
-Heat exchanger water / oil
-Visual manometers with brake valve
-Visual thermometers with transmitter
-Flow indicator with electrical contacts to control oil passage, only for up bearings
-Switch pressure to control the minimum pressure
-Valve of overpressure
-Pipes in stainless steel and sprayers
-Oil level with pole
-Viton oil seals
-ATEX certification 2G T3 for all component.

Weight (only gear reducer) = approx. 14.000 kg

Category: agro-food industry, speed reducers

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