Main reducer - Power kW 1.150 - Input speed 1.800 r.p.m. - output 160,714 r.p,m.

Main reducer our type 2CP560L with base plate

Technical features:

  • Motor power = 1.150 kW
  • Input speed = 1.800 RPM
  • Output speed = 160,714 RPM
  • Ratio = 1 / 11,20
  • Service factor AGMA 2001.C95 > 2,5 respected the power and to the RPM of the motor.
  • Gears in alloy casehardened steel (carburized) with profile teeth ground and duly relieved to reduce possible load concentrantions.
  • Mechanical efficiency referred to power and speed = 98%
  • Rolling bearings proportioned for a theorical nominal duration LB10>80.000 hours calculated on motor power.
  • Timing case in electrowelded steel at increased rigidity suitable to offer the maximum of the resistance at internal loads; after welding the timing case will be submitted to stress relieving and sandblasting.
  • Speed shaft at double extend of piece with the gear, with bushes save shaft.
  • Slow shaft in alloy steel-hardened and tempered with bush save shaft.
  • Base for gear reducer and plant of lubrication

Forced lubrication at rim of reducer by motorpump, at completation the lubrication system will be composed of:

-Duplex filter with electrical indicator for the tamping control

-Heat exchanger water/oil with automatic thermostatic valve for regulation water flow referred to oil temperature. The heat exchanger is proportioned for working with water temperature <33°C.

-Visual thermometers input/output of the heat exchanger to control heat exchange

-Visual manometers with brake valve

-Visual thermometers

-Flow indicator with electrical contacts to control oil passage

-Switch pressure to control the minimum pressure

-Valve of overpressure

-Pipes and sprayers.

Weight (only gear reducer) = approx. 6.000 kg

Category: cement works, speed reducers

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