Speed reducer - Power 260 kW - Input speed 1,460 rpm - Output speed 14.5 rpm

CP630 parallel shaft speed reducer on horizontal plane, MG. 2140 type cylinder mixer drive for rubber processing

Technical features

  • Installed power: 260 kW
  • Input speed: 1460 rpm
  • Output speed: 14.5 rpm
  • Nominal reduction ratio: 1:100.9
  • Service factor: 1.6 AGMA 6010-E88
  • Starting torque: 250%
  • Double extension high speed shaft
  • Simple extension slow speed shaft with 2 key slots at 120°
  • Direction of rotation and construction (to be confirmed)
  • Roller bearings calculated for duration > 40,000 hours complete with PT100 sensors with converter on supports
  • Noise level max 80 ± 1 dB(A) at distance of 1 m.
  • Gears in case-hardened and tempered alloy steel with ground tooth profile
  • Slow speed shaft in hardened and tempered alloy steel

Perfectly oil tight casing in electro-welded steel, shaped and ribbed for maximum rigidity. After welding, the casing is subjected to weld stress relieving and then sandblasted and painted. The surface of the casing has machined plates to make installation easier. The casing also has inspection doors, dustproof oil vapour vents, an oil level gauge, oil fill and drain holes and levelling screws.

Category: speed reducers, miscellaneous special units

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